Welcome to The Tongan Youth Hymn Book page.

The Ko e Tohi Himi ma’ae To’utupu is the result of my thesis project as a student doing a BA degree in Social Services and Diaconal work at the Diakonia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland. The songs came from the Finnish Youth Hymn Book of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Some of the lyrics were collected from students and teachers of Queen Salote College (QSC), Nuku’alofa, Tonga during my international placement in the autumn of 2014. The rest were translated into Tongan from Finnish.

The Ko e Tohi Himi ma’ae To’utupu will provide the Tongan communities with additional written music material to use on different occasions. It is a youth work tool to facilitate youth participation, spiritual enlightenment and to bring joy and spiritual fulfillment to both young people and the communities.

In Tongan – Faka-Tonga

Na’e fa’u ‘a e Ko e Tohi Himi Ma’ae To’utupu mei he ola ‘o ’eku poloseki he‘eku ako mata’itohi BA he ngāue fakasōsiale he Diakonia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finileni. Na’e ma’u mo liliu ’a e ngaahi hiva he ki’i tohi ni mei he Tohi Himi Ma’ae To’utupu ’o e Siasi Luteleni ’o Finileni. Na’e tānaki ’a e konga ’o e ngaahi lea ki he tohi hiva ni mei he fanauako mo e kau faiako ’o e Kolisi Kuini Sālote, Nuku’alofa, Tonga, lolotonga ’eku ako ngaue ne fai ai he faka’osinga ’o e 2014 ta’u. Na’e liliu leva ’a e toenga ’o e ngaahi hiva mei he tohi himi faka-Finileni ki he lea faka-Tonga.

’Oku ou faka’amu ’e hoko ’a e Ko e Tohi Himi Ma’ae To’utupu ko e me’angāue fakalaumālie ki he komiunitī Tonga ’i he ngaahi polokalama kehkehe, pea mo e ngāue fakato’utupu ke tokoni ki hono faka’ai’ai ’a e uouongataha mo e tupulaki fakalaumālie ’a e hakotupu ’o e fonua mo e lotu.

Mālō ’aupito
Samiuela ‘Elone