Acknowledgements and special thanks!


This project would have not been realised without the contributions of others. Without their support, this research project and Ko e Tohi Himi Ma’ae To’utupu would not have been possible to put together. As a result, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all individually. As our Tongan saying, the treasure of Tonga is in saying thank you.

I am indebted to the composers and writers of the songs for allowing me not only to use their works but also for free. A big thank-you goes to Ms. Eija Kallinen and the Evangelical Lutheran Association for Youth in Finland which is the publisher of the Finnish youth hymn book for the supports and advices given. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the principal of Queen Sālote College, Rev. Dr ‘Asinate Sāmate, to the staff and to the students for hosting me during my placement as well as their contribution to the lyrics. Many thanks also to Kik Velt of the Tau’olunga Komipiuta for answering and accommodating my queries about the Tu’ungfasi program. My appreciation to Tytti Korhonen for her effort and contribution to the layout of the first draft of the hymn book.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to the Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for its financial contribution and also to my friends for their individual donations toward publishing of the hymn book.

I would like to express special thanks to my supervisor, Jouko Porkka for all the guidance and advice during the process of producing Ko e Tohi Himi Ma’ae To’utupu. To all of you out there who gave a helping hand but not mentioned here by names. May I thank you all for your kindness and being a part of this project.

My sincere thanks to Professor Hufanga Dr. ‘Okusitino Mahina for the last moment invaluable contribution to the text, mālō ’aupito. Last but not the least, to my children Mafua, Fiona and Tahine for the pictures used in the book and also for putting up with me during my studies.

A special thank to Rozza Dragoz and the Street Soul Studio for the recordings and efforts put into the Tongan songs. To Laura Jalovaara and Perttu Sihvola for playing the ukulele for the records, malo ‘aupito.