It has been a while since my last update. The trip to Tonga went very well and it was good to visit home especially to see my mother and relatives in Auckland and of course the rest of the “kainga” in Tonga. In addition to my partner, Kirsi, my daughters Fiona and Tahine, and Ipu my granddaughter, 4 other members of our Herttoniemi church choir came along. We visited schools and churches and donated the Tongan youth hymn book which was the main reason for our trip. We were so pleased and thankful for all the welcome and the hospitalities that we received.

Last year, we collected a few euros from Ipu’s birthday together with donations from the members of our visiting group and started a few scholarships this year in three of the high schools in Tonga. The scholarships are for girls whose parents have difficulties in paying for their school fees. Primary school education is free in Tonga. Unfortunately, high schools are not free. There were some hymn booklets left and they are sold in the Friendly Islands Bookshop, all the proceed goes to the scholarship fund. In addition, we gave out ukuleles and other donations in kind collected from Helsinki.

I would like to express our sincere thanks to all our hosts in Tonga: Queen Salote College (Nuku’alofa), Mailefihi-Siu’ilikutapu College (Vava’u), and Hofangahau College (‘Eua), to the churches, Makave and Pangaimotu (Vava’u), Petani and Mata’aho (‘Eua), Kapeta (Tongatapu), and the Tongan North Cote Methodist Church (Auckland, NZ), to the Finnish Lutheran Church Council for the financial support and to our local church, Herttoniemi parish music department for the ukuleles, to the Helsinki Rugby Club and the players for the rugby stuff donated, to all the friends and relatives, thank you all for all the supports we received. Last but not the lease, to my mother, Ipu Soana Elone and to the rest of the gangs both in Auckland and in Tonga, as our Tongan saying, “the only tressure Tonga has, is saying malo.”

Ko e Lotu ‘a e ‘Eiki

Last night I finally put up to YouTube the Lord’s Prayer singing by our choir, Ora in Tongan. I think, we did ok :-). We have sung few other songs in Tongan and last month we had the multicultural service at our Herttoniemi church where we sang also some of the songs from the Tongan youth Hymn Book. I really appreciate the efforts given by our conductor Kirsi Lemponen and the rest of the choir to learn the songs in Tongan. We are planning to visit Tonga in October to take the hymn book there and few of the choir members might come with us. We will continue with our Tongan lessons for sure.

E Tamai E (Siunaa koko maailmaa)

I just uploaded the “E Tamai e” to facebook and am very satisfied that is done. There are still others of course but at least this one is done :-).  I am not sure whether I mentioned already that I am planning to visit Tonga in the autumn in order to take the hymn books there. Actually, I will be in Tonga in the end of October for 2 weeks. I will donate the hymns to some schools and church youths groups. I  will work on the plan and will keep you posted. Enjoy the hymn!

Heleluia (Elämä on nyt)

I finally finished the video for “Haleluia”. It has been sitting in my file for a while. Am glad is done and over with,  :-). Will try to work on the next one soon. It seemed the work is piling  up as days go… I am already started to work on the next year trip to Tonga. I have still time for that so it is not so urgent. Anyway, here is the link and suggestion is always welcome.


Eiki e (Valoa) & Saame 46 (Kuljeta ja johda)

Malo e lelei everyone!

We have enjoyed a lovely warm and a long summer here in this part of the world.

I have added two more YouTube videos of the songs,  what an achievement on my part. Am more excited about my learning process than the result :-). Am not so sure about the result but at lease, am happy with the process :-). I added them to the songs’ page and will add more as soon as I get them ready. Just in case, here are the links.

Eiki e (Valoa)
Saame 46 (Kuljeta ja johda)

I want to use this page as a source materials about Tongan music, notations etc. If you have some materials about Tonga music, send it to me and will share it here. It is a working progress and any suggestions will be very much appreciated…

Enjoy and see you soon.


Eiki Tali Lotu Youtube video

On Wednesday, I uploaded the first YouTube video of the Hymn Book after working on it for few weeks. First trying to figure out which program to use… I finally decided to go with the Davinci Resolve 15. It took a while before I learnt the basic and on Wednesday uploaded the my first video. I am so glad to learn new things everyday and I am sure will not take that much time to make the next one. Actually, I already worked on few of them :-). There are a lot of things to be done and will try to do as much as possible in the next few days since my holiday will be finished this coming Wednesday.

Ko eTohi Himi ma’ae To’utupu is in printing

Last week the hymn book was sent for printing. I am waiting eagerly to see the result. It will probably ready on Friday. After many years, it is finally done, hallelujah.

Soon, will start thinking about getting it to Tonga. Anyway, it is another day’s problem. Will celebrate first then continue with the next stage when it comes around…

I have been working also on the homepage. Even it is there already online, I have not shared it publicly. Perhaps it is time to share it and to publicize the hymn book.  Suggestions are always welcomed.




I have talked with Marianne who wanted to help with the lay out of the hymn book. I was so happy that she was willing to work on my project. I met her yesterday at Antti’s place, they had a band practice, she is one of the Umba‘s players. I sent her the materials and she went through them already. We discussed a little but I think she knows what she is doing and I don’t need to worry. I gave her the pictures for the covers, Fifi and Tahine’s drawings when they were kids. She will work on it this week and may be by weekend, I will get a draft already, hallelujah!

The homepage!

I have been working on the page for a while but I have not publicized it yet even it has been online already. I want to publish the book first then share the page and perhaps all the ideas for the page will be ready.

I have got few offers about printing the hymn book. Hopefully, I will manage to do it by next month. I am trying to figure out how to do the layout since the printing-house that am thinking of using does not do layout, interesting!


Malo e lelei!

Greetings from Helsinki, am trying to figure out how this page work :-). Will add more as soon as I figure it out :-). Stay tune!